Our values

Enough! Italy is a great Country. We are the eighth power in the world, the second largest manufacturing economy in Europe, one of the founding Member States of the European Union and the cradle of western culture.

No curse condemns us to having to choose between populist disasters and sovereignists’ disasters.

AZIONE is a great operation of mobilisation of the Country that produces, studies and works hard. Italy is weary of inconclusive battles and slogans devoid of any content.

We have become a profoundly unjust nation: to young people, to women, to people in need of assistance, to those living in Southern regions, to those who want to carry out their business free from bureaucratic hurdles. Many of these injustices stem from the Country’s inability to act effectively, others from impropriety and bad management fuelled by too many awful examples.
Italy is not safe. It is not safe because of its high government debt, the squandering of public funds, the incompetence and lack of awareness and responsibility. And it is not only politics that is to blame. We choose our politicians. None of us would hire any of the current political leaders to run their business. Yet we entrust our Country to them, because we do not feel it ours after all.

The name AZIONE was not chosen at random nor for marketing reasons. It recalls our cultural and political roots, those of social liberalism and Sturzo's popularism. The need for a synthesis between these great cultures seems still more evident today.
The ills affecting Italy and Western countries are the fractures between progress and society, the human and the technological, freedom and knowledge, growth and sustainability, the market and social justice. These fractures cannot be healed by halting progress or limiting freedom, but by investing in knowledge and society, re-establishing “meaning” and direction to human actions and defining a precise role for the State in accompanying these transformations.
First of all, the State must strengthen fundamental areas: Education, Healthcare, the Security and Justice systems, where Italy currently invests much less than other European countries. The immediate objectives and priorities are as follows: full-time education in all schools, initiation of young people into reading, languages and sport, recruitment of doctors and nurses, assistance for the elderly and the sick, territorial control and utmost respect for the law, excluding justicialism. We must be aware that a country with an illiteracy rate double that in other advanced countries, and where one in two youths does not read at all, is raising a lost generation.Schools are not a catchment area for employment, but a democratic, cultural and civic institution that trains and liberates people and educates them to respect the State and the community. A strong State is not one that nationalises companies, but one that instructs its citizens and prepares them to face the challenges of a free society and an economy based on competition and sustainability.
A strong State can sit authoritatively at the same table as its European partners to build an ever closer European Union, it does not hide behind useless diktats. Today Europe is stuck, because it is the Europe of individual nations and not the Europe of common institutions.
Building federal Europe and strengthening relations with the great western democracies must once again become the focus of Italian foreign policy. AZIONE's economic policy is based on three pillars: investing, protecting and setting free. .
Investing in tackling digital and environmental transformations by playing upfront; protecting when market distortions and the speed of transformations harm workers and citizens; setting each individual free from contingent need, ignorance and unnecessary constraints so that they can achieve their full potential. The urgently needed green revolution must be addressed seriously.Transforming the economy and society from a development model based on consumption to one based on sustainability and human dignity is an extraordinary challenge for a new season of growth, not an excuse to embark on the path to a(n) “(un)happy degrowth”.

Italy can count on many cultural, social and economic strengths. To release its energies, it needs a ruling class that can, first and foremost, manage public affairs.
Our political debate tackles reforms that do not reform and revolutions that never start, while "good governance" has remained this country's ignored priority for 50 years.
The ruling class we need is made up of people who have faced change with competence, honesty and consistency. Lack of consistency and political opportunism are not the virtues of statesmen, but the life vest of the defeated. Politics is based on words. And if words have no value, politics has no value.
If our rulers lack consistency, citizens will lose confidence in them, and if they do politicians will not be able to implement any long-term programme. If we do not trust our politicians, we will ask for small rewards today rather than big initiatives for tomorrow. We need to stop this spiral.Only a few believe that a new political movement can assert itself and become decisive

Cynicism has become a distinctive trait of the Italian public debate. Today voting is often seen as pointless and increasingly motivated only by hatred towards opponents. This climate is fuelled by political parties because it is the only way in which failures, u-turns and otherwise incomprehensible alliances can be justified. In no European country have the heirs of the great political cultures of the 20th century chosen to ally themselves with the enemies of liberal democracy under the guise of “constitutionalising” them. On the contrary, they have often joined forces to counterattack. This is the right path. AZIONE will become the pillar of a great Republican and Democratic Front  that can drive populists and sovereignists back to the margins of the political system. That is why we will allow dual membership. We do not want to exclude people but on the contrary keep the doors wide open. Our aim is not to further split the political system, but to work for the unity and renewal of liberal democratic forces.

Defeating ignorance and fear and embracing change is possible.
It is up to us. We are not condemned to choosing the lesser evil.
Italy is stronger than those who want it weak.
Join AZIONE and get into action!

Carlo Calenda